19 King Georges Road
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roof3Hand cut roof with individual gables and dormers. Shaping the second and third storeys, its design will maximize the third floor ceiling height.

roof04Roof design showing pitches and rafters.

roof01Carpenters follow the design for the custom roof.

roof05Inside view.

roof02Working together in teams with safety harnesses, carpenters use an nail gun to secure a fascia board in place


CLADDING THE STRUCTURE:cladding01North Elevation with cladding.

cladding02North West corner view.

cladding03South Elevation shows the main floor family room where three sets of French doors will open onto a private garden bordered on the south side by the new garage.

SHINGLING THE ROOF:jobsiteA busy day onsite as crews of roofers, carpenters, masons, electricians and plumbers arrive.

RoofersRoofers install shingle roof.

RoofersRoofer uses a torch to secure shingles.

RoofCompleted shingle roof.


ONSITE PRODUCTION:West ElevationsWest elevation with framing for chimneys.

south elevationSouth west elevation. Masons begin their set-up.

wiring / masonryNorth facing view from interior Family Room. Several trades work together on the main floor.

window openingsDesigner, Andrew Fee works with SOMA Production Services carpenter and masons as they prepare window openings.

wiringElectrician weaves the complex thread of wires for main floor LED pot lights

electrical01Drilling for plumbing vents.

plumbingPlumber begins pipe layouts.

plumbingPlumbing connectors.


MASONRY:masonryMasons prepare for window installation. They will cut and match existing brick to create exact size openings for the new windows

masonryMason carefully fits a course of brick along a level plumb line.

masonryCareful measurement and leveling is essential to achieve top quality brick work.

masonryTo match the opening size for the new window, the mason must cut this brick by hand. Measure first...

masonrycut with stone chisel and hammer...

masonrytap in place...

masonrycheck level.

masonryMason cuts into mortar lines on existing bricks.

masonryMasons will clean and make good ragged edges of mortar to finish window openings.


FRAMING / WINDOWS:atticInterior view of third floor room. Complex roof shapes and dormer windows create high ceilings and great dormer window views of the neighbourhood.

skylightLarge skylight panel in roof brings light into the staircase.

staircaseThis view from the basement shows the third floor skylight flooding the forty-foot high staircase shaft with light.

electricalWiring for the house will include a Control4 Smart Home System.

wiringThe Control4 System will allow wireless control of lighting and sound systems within the house.

windowsPella windows arrive.

windowsBay windows installed in the dining room.

windowsHanging the new Family Room French doors.

windowsThree sets of French doors in family room will open onto a private garden.

wndowsMullioned sets of Pella windows. Install complete.

north elevationNorth elevation of the house showing completed windows, limestone sills and newly bricked extension on the right.

brickNew solid clay bricks in a "rug range" finish were carefully chosen to match the existing bricks which were stamped Toronto, 1927.

masonryMasons work preparing mortar and laying brick on the new extension (south-west elevation).

masonryMason follows a plumb line as he bricks the extension.

masonryApplying mortar.


family roomWest facing view from the kitchen across the family room into the living room and hallway (right). The framed areas between the two sets of windows will house two fireplaces.

hallway and staircaseView from the family room down the central hallway to the front entryway. A portion of the four-storey (temporary) staircase appears on the right.

carpentersSOMA Production Services framing carpenters work on the complex angles of the third floor rooms.

interiorsWiring and framing continue in another third floor room.


STUCCO:Front ElevationStucco work begins on exterior. First a layer of foam is applied as a base for the stucco rough coat. The decorative trims which stand out from the stucco surface are a traditional English style derived from Medieval half-timbered buildings.

Stucco Application A final top coat of stucco is troweled on by hand. Here the stucco colouring is a custom mix designed to compliment the colours of the "half-timbers" and wooden trim of the roofline.

StuccoA detail section showing the finshed stucco layer and half-timber colours while top area shows the stucco rough coat. Top right shows the roof trim in progress with white paint primer coat and raw wood framing (far right).

StuccoA close-up detail of the traditional hand troweled finshed stucco surface and half-timbered detailing.

South West ElevationSouth West Elevation showing the various stages of stucco application and wooden roof trim. Note the two chimneys which will house the living room and family room fireplaces.

Roof TrimThe final coat of stucco with painted roof trim close to completion. The old garage right) will be removed and replaced by a new garage located on the southern edge of the lot. The space in between will become a private garden.

EntrywayThe front entryway will be protected by a traditional portico built out from the frame around the door.


CONCRETE:Cement TruckCement trucks load concrete directly through a window into the basement to create a solid floor.

Cement TruckConcrete flows from the truck to waiting crews located in the basement.

CementWorking quickly, crews of men off load the concrete into wheelbarrows then spread it quickly and evenly across the entire floor one area at a time, levelling as they go. A network of heating pipes laid out over the floor are buried in the concrete and will supply radiant in-floor heating across the entire basement.


ECO INSULATION:Eco InsulationThe entire house has been spray-foam insulated using the latest soyabean eco-technology. Providing a much "tighter" house than traditional fibreglass insulation, the foam is also a green product.

Eco InsulationThe Master Bedroom with French doors and Juliette balcony looking south.

Eco InsulationA charming room on the third floor with dramatically angled dormer windows and views of the trees beyond shows the spray foam from Eco-insulation(York) and HVAC duct work.


HVAC / DRYWALL:HVACHVAC permit drawings designed by an HVAC engineer for maximum heat and air conditioning efficiency are followed by the installer.

drywallDrywallers at work in the family room.

drywallFamily Room west view.


GARAGE DEMOLITION:garage demolitionSouth West view of house with finished stucco and exterior trim. Demolition of the old garage begins. A backhoe is used to remove excess dirt from the basement excavation.

garage demolitionThe new garage will be re-located further south on the lot. This will enable the creation of a private garden area between the buildings.


ONSITE MILLSHOP:millshopInside, work continues on the kitchen, pantry and servery. In the onsite millshop, plywood veneer is being used for the construction of the kitchen cabinet interiors.

kitchenStep one in the kitchen constrcution - laying out the cabinet interior components.

family room Interior finishes all happen simultaneously at this stage of constrcution - kitchen layout, drywall installation and staircase installation materials are all visable in this view of the Kitchen / Family Room.


STAIRCASE INSTALLATION:stair installationThe temporary construction staircase has been removed and installers work level by level installing the new four-storey red-oak staircase. Here they apply riser supports.

staircase installationInstalling main floor to second floor staircase and supports.

red oak stair treadsSolid red-oak stair treads will be installed into the oak stringers in the finish stages of the staircase installtion.

floating staircaseThe basement floating staircase awaiting handrail. Andrew Fee's custom design was built in a millshop then installed onsite. Extensive steel beams (red colour) are required to support the floating structure.


BASEMENT FRAMING:basementBasement framing being completed. Basement has 9 foot ceilings and heated floors.

basement furnaceNew basement furnace being installed is one of two furnaces for the house.


TECH SYSTEMS:wiringState of the art internet, security, entertainment and surround-sound systems carried through hundreds of yards of cabling reach every room of the house.


URBAN FOREST:White PineAll trees in the City of Toronto both City Trees and Private Trees are designated as the Urban Forest and come under the jurisdiction of the Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation Department. Trees on properties that are designated Ravine Lots are further regulated by a special body of Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation known as RNFP - Urban Forestry Ravine and Natural Features Protection and by a Provincial body - Toronto and Region Conservation authority. Any building project undertaken in the City must be done with permits issued by the appropriate regulating body in order to protect trees from injury.

Arbor ValleyStep one of the process entails getting a survey of the property that shows the position of all trees. Next, a qualified Arborist is hired to make an Arborists Report detailing the condition, type and size of each tree on the property. The tall White Fir (above) was nearing the end of its life cycle and was deemed in "poor condition". Application was made to cut down the tree and replace it with three new trees. After inspection by the City Parks, Forestry and Recreation permission was granted and a permit issued with covenants by the property owner to quarantee that the three new trees will be in a healthy condition two years after planting. These strict regulations to protect the Urban Forest serve the public well ensuring that we can all enjoy the legacy of health and beauty that ours trees provide.

South Elevation South Elevation of the house showing the White Fir (left).

Tree CuttingArborists use a truck with crane and bucket to reach the tree branches.

Tree CuttingUsing a chainsaw, arborist slowly trims the tree branches from the bottom up.

ChipperOnsite chipper recycles branches.

Tree CuttingTrimming right up to the crown.

Tree CuttingTimber!

Tree CuttingCrown of tree before recycling.

Tree CuttingTrunk is cut down one section at a time.

Tree CuttingCutting the trunk.

Tree CuttingFinal cut. To finish the process, the stump will be removed using a tree stump grinder.

White Fir BarkBark of the White Fir (Abies Concolor) or Colorado White-Fir. This tree is native to the mountains of western North America and is often used in ornamental landscaping and as a Christmas tree.

White FirWhite Fir logs and branches.


CUSTOM CABINETRY & INTERIOR TRIM:3rd floorinside on the 3rd floor carpenters work on the custom built-ins.

3rd floorWorking side by side, SOMA carpenters and cabinet makers install trim and custom built-ins.

3rd floor3rd floor north facing room.

3rd floorDramatic faceted drywall angles of a west facing window on the 3rd floor.

3rd floorSouth west exposures, custom built-ins and angled facets of a third floor room.

skylightDaylight floods the staircase on the third floor landing.

skylightView from staircase up to third floor skylight.

trim01Second floor trim work is cut and fitted.

trim02Cutting trim.

trim03Doorframes fitted and fixed in place

vanityCustom white oak bathroom vanity ready to be installed.

cabinetsCustom built-in cabinet for the dining room in progress.


CONTROL4 SMART HOME SYSTEM:electrical01Inside master bathroom the electrician installs wiring for the heated floors.

electrical02This Smart Home has CONTROL4 wiring which integrates everything from lighting control, music, home theatre, climate control, security - even iPads, iPhones and Android smartphones and tablets. Electrician from Custom Home Electronics installs the panel for the Control4 Smart Home system in the basement of the house.

electrician3The brain behind the Control4 Smart Home system is the controller which integrates all functions. The system is scalable allowing users to build as their needs grow.


TERRACE & GARAGE:terrace02View of the garden terrace and garage area shows SOMA team preparing the forms for the terrace wall and garage.

terrace03Pouring the concrete fro the terrace wall. Once complete the concrete wall will be faced in brick.

terrace04Checking SOMA design plansfor the construction of the terrace deck.

terrace05Deck construction begins.

garage01Garage concrete slab complete.

garage02Garage slab ready for framing.

southElevationSouth elevation showing garage slab and terrace.


LANDSCAPING & EXTERIOR TRIM:northElevationLandscaping begins with leveling the property and digging a pathway. Painting of the details on the north elevation in progress.

northElevation02SOMA painter works on detailed exterior trim work of beam and bay window.

paintingPainting the beam details.

bay windowCompleted custom bay window details.

baywindow02Close-up view of bay window details.

sprinkler01Landscapers install irrigation system on the lot.

sprinkler02Water pipes installed in trenches underground carry the water.

sprinkler03Controlled from a panel inside the house, this complex irrigation system will differentiate between the water needs of the trees, grass and flower beds.

westElevationSouth west view of 19 King Georges Road.


LANDSCAPING:landscapingPhillip Brickell of BTS (Beech Tree Services) works on the placement of large stones around the two pear trees in the front garden. Just completed is the stone walkway and front steps of the house.

LandscapeTo shape and level the ground landscapers first use a back hoe to distribute the soil then finish by hand with a rake.

SodNext the sod is applied. At first the sod squares appear uneven from the compression of being rolled up. Phillip works carefully around the sprinkler system heads when finishing the edges.

Beech TreesView of raking the soil on the west side of the building shows two of the seven new European Beech trees planted to replace the single White Fir that was cut down.

SouthWest view South West view of the house shows the row of European Beech. Sod will be laid up to the edge of the driveway (foreground) and between the terrace and the garage building (right).

West viewDesigner / builder Andrew Fee of SOMA Studio inspects the site as sod laying is almost complete.


MILLWORK FINISHES:SW ExteriorWinter has come but work continues outside. The lift boom was used to help install the fireplaces.

GarageIn order to complete the stucco work on the garage, a tent is built which, will when heated from the inside, will enable temperature control.

Kitchen19 King Georges Road will have many high quality custom designed millwork finishes and built-ins including a custom Kitchen and Kitchen Island in the open concept Kitchen / Family Room seen here. In addition there is a Butler's Pantry, Servery and Food Pantry in the adjacent hallway which support the Kitchen.

Dining RoomSOMA cabinet maker does a final sanding of the custom Dining Room Cabinet designed for plenty of storage. It will house 3 dovetailed drawers, 2 glass doors and 4 other storage sections with doorfaces.

Dining RoomBay window interior with custom millwork details (centre). Cutting millwork elements (left) for the Living Room fireplace surround and panelled room.

Liivng RoomMeasuring for the fireplace surround in the Living Room. This room will have custom panelled wall and fireplace details.

Dining RoomLiving Room fireplace.

Flooring finishingIn the final stages of completion, many production elements happen at the same time. Floor finishes on the third and second floors are in progress. Here, final sanding has been completed in the Master Bedroom.

PorticoFront Entryway Portico frame with primer coat in place.

NW ExteriorNorth west view of the house with portico and garage underway.


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